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Captive Investments

Financial Analysis

At Paisa, we will help you do a complete financial analysis for your company. We will go through all your financial data to give you the correct recommendation upon assessing the overall performance of your company. We will see your cash flow statement, leverage, growth, rate of return, variance and all the other concepts attached to finance. Through the aid of this, we will help in curating the projections for your company in the future, deciding between what to purchase and what not to, contemplate about your stocks, and make final decisions about where to invest capital and where not to. Lastly, we will make constant comparisons for your past, present, and make comparisons against your competitors. Our team of professionals at Paisa’s aim and mission will be to let your company have a healthy financial position and we will do our best to make you attain it.

Investment Planning

Investment planning, is a holistic planning process for your investments. A company will need to jot down all their financial aims and goals to translate them into a plan. This does not happen with ease – a lot of work goes into this. For e.g. – the company will need to realize their resources, time, overall goals and further aspects to create this. This is suggested to be done because, if they will not do this then their future might not be successful. Companies usually resort to creating and building a portfolio wherein all their investments are mentioned – to see it at a glance. This is recommended for all as well and Paisa will help you to do this too. Your investment planning will be our priority, will be our responsibility for the benefit of your business

Support startup

We not only favour large companies but, also favour startup organizations. We will sit through your entire ideation process, help you with ideas for an increase in productivity and the marketing aspect, guide you with insights and analytics and suggest you where and where not to invest. Our main aim, at Paisa will be to keep your startup moving forward at all points – especially, with the funding aspect. Our team of professionals, will not let you be disheartened for your startup and will help in as many ways as possible to provide you with the correct knowledge for income tax exemptions, certifications, patent applications, and much more. So count on us, for your startup support

Savings and Investments​

For any company, before they venture out to do any sort of investment – they need to understand the difference between savings and investments. Saving is wherein person/company stores their cash in safe and liquid securities. Investing, on the other hand, is making use of the capital you have so that you can get a return over time. You can invest in multiple aspects such as gold, real estate, mutual funds, and so on. There is a range of services through which one can save and one can invest as well. A company should learn this, to be able to avoid any scams and take the righteous decisions to elevate their business

Investor Relation

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